Energy savings from
50–80 %

Environmentally friendly

More duration than
conventional illuminants

Save energy with LED technology and photovoltaics

Rising energy prices? Constant increase in ongoing operating costs? You can effectively counteract this: The use of highly efficient LED lighting in combination with photovoltaics pays off for you.

Efficient LED lighting reduces your energy costs!

  • You are owner or tenant of real estate or business premises and operate your lighting with conventional fluorescent tubes (T8 or T5), halogen or HQL/HQI spotlights? Then your electricity costs and maintenance costs increase regularly and - above all - unplannably.
  • We offer you an uncomplicated solution on how to reduce your electricity costs and CO² emissions by up to 80 percent. By upgrading to customized LED solutions, you optimize your operation for maximum savings in an economically viable, demand-based and time-flexible way.
  • Modern technology, fast amortization, a guarantee of up to 10 years and the ability to plan for the long term: Benefit from proven and tested solutions - starting on the day of installation.

The conversion

After a complete inventory check of your existing lighting elements, we prepare a quotation and a profitability analysis. In this way, you can immediately see the extent to which your company will benefit from a conversion to LED lighting.

We realize the work of LED technology together with our partner LED Hanseatic Energy.

Advantages of LED technology
 Particularly low energy consumption
 Savings in electricity costs for lighting of 50-80%
 Reduction of maintenance costs due to extremely long service life
   Lower heat generation, lower air conditioning costs
 Same or even better light output and quality
 No switch-on delay
 No pre-glowing necessary (optimal e.g. when used in freezer halls)
 Break and shock resistant
 No 50 hertz flicker
   No hazardous substances and gases such as mercury
 No stray light
 Directed LED light (no need for reflector cleaning)
 No UV and IR radiation
 Continued use of existing lights or ceiling fittings possible
 Disposal via household waste
 CO2 - savings of up to 80%

LED products

Projects realized with our LED partner