Invest in solar energy!

POLARYS creates value for investors.

Investing in PV systems makes both environmental and ecological sense. An investment in existing solar plants in Germany can bring you returns of about 6%. This always depends on the overall profitability and the general conditions of the individual location of the PV plant.

Why is it worthwhile to invest in solar roof systems and solar parks? Quite simply: Because it is a growing and secure market. The future energy supply will increasingly consist of renewable energies. Safety-conscious investors invest in already completed PV plants, avoid risks during the early stages and usually achieve high returns.

The unlimited solar energy as well as the long-term and government guaranteed compensations offer an economically reasonable alternative to known forms of investments, such as bank deposits, life or retirement insurances. Thus, it is not surprising that banks and insurance companies are among the largest investors in solar energy, right?

For capital investors, there are also tax effects such as depreciation and the use of the investment deduction (IAB).

A good investment for sure
 Politically desired expansion and promotion of renewable energy
 No approval procedure (for roof systems)
 Clearly legally regulated uniform remuneration for the energy produced
  energy (EEG law) for 20 years + year of commissioning
 Plannable yields through recognized software simulation
 Long-term plant operation of often more than 30 years
 Low maintenance