Here you will find all important information for the handling of your PV project

Project acquisition

We are constantly on the lookout for suitable properties and plots of land where the generation of electricity by photovoltaics appears to be economically reasonable. In addition, we welcome inquiries from owners who want to make their roof areas or land "work for them". With the experience of over 4,000 realized PV plants, we are your qualified partner for the installation.

Do you have a suitable property or land which we can check for an economic realization of a PV project? Then please send us meaningful information about the property.

Or do you have a suitable property and would like to build your own solar power plant on it? Then we should get to know each other!

Planning Phase

All projects are measured by our own experts in order to determine the exact structural data and to include influencing factors such as shading by trees or neighboring buildings in the planning. Then the exact implementation planning of the PV system is carried out by our engineering team.

Application to the energy supplier for NVP

First you have to submit an application to the relevant energy supplier for a technical network statement in order to obtain an authorization of the network connection point. On this basis you will find out about your connection conditions and you will then receive an AC connection concept to the public network.

Easement/right-of-way AC route

The extent to which third-party properties have to be crossed is determined in accordance with the alignment. Accordingly, the rights of paths are secured in the land register.


Obtain a structural analysis to ensure that the roof surface has an adequate capacity to install a PV system on it.

Land Register

For investors, the land register entries are obtained and checked to determine whether subordinations are required, which then have to be obtained accordingly. Likewise, an easement for the right to use the roof area is entered in the land register for the investor.

Know the building law

Regulations upon regulations, and more of them every day ... who has the overview? We do! Through our many years of activity in the field of project development and creation of building law, we know how to proceed and can accompany you.


A special PV insurance policy is taken out for the period of installation of the PV system, which will then be replaced by the operator insurance policy when the system is commissioned and handed over, thus ensuring a permanent insurance of the system.

Detailed Execution Planning

Before the creation of the implementation plans, the area to be built on is precisely measured in order to take into account chimneys, skylights as well as factors relevant to shading. We plan everything precisely in order to ultimately achieve the electricity yield that you can reliably count on. For this purpose, a corresponding system simulation is carried out using software recognized by the largest financing banks.

In order to ensure that all project partners are informed in detail about who has to carry out which work step and when, we prepare an execution plan for you that is precisely tailored to your construction project. You can rely on efficient implementation of the installation work and have full control over the individual planned work steps. We build the plant at a fixed price. Once a week you will receive an informative weekly report with photos of the construction progress and a short description of the state of affairs.

Profitability calculation / yield report

Your investment should pay off, that is clear. That's why you need a partner who can provide you with realistic figures. We measure the return of the project in relation to the effort and determine the efficiency of your project. This gives you a solid and reliable basis for your financing planning.

Upon request, we can also provide you with an expert yield report. An independent yield report provides detailed information on whether the predicted performance of your PV system will be met and increases the security for investors and banks.

Quality control

On request, the entire course of the project and the final inspection can be approved by an independent PV expert from the TÜV, which then will document the outcome in the form of an expert report.